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St Jude Park Central

About St. Jude Center- Park Central

st jude park central front of buildingCatholic Charities in partnership with The Catholic Housing Initiative launched St. Jude Center - Park Central in December of 2020, as our next housing initiative for the chronically and temporarily homeless with 180 efficiency apartments. According to the Metropolitan Dallas Homeless Alliance 2020 Point-in- Time count, over 4,000 homeless individuals reside in Dallas and Collin Counties. Availability and costs of rental or owned property in the Metroplex continue to rise creating tens of thousands of housing-insecure individuals and families. COVID and other economic pressures have exacerbated the problem.

St. Jude Center – Park Central will serve 180+ residents every year, improving their lives, health, and general well-being, while opening up shelter space and reducing the homeless population.

St. Jude Center – Park Central will have three phases of implementation for maximum impact:

Phase 1 – Currently Launched - COVID 19 Relief & Inclement Weather Housing:

The program is aimed at providing temporary housing for eligible individuals experiencing homelessness and needing to quarantine for 14 + days and for eligible homeless individuals that need to be housed due to inclement weather when space at shelters is limited due to COVID 19. During the quarantine stay, individuals will be provided three meals a day, snacks, and basic onsite support services to address emergencies and other crisis needs. Each unit comes furnished and all bathroom and other cleaning and hygiene supplies are provided to the clients. Additionally, our case managers work with each client to come up with an exit plan and the case managers coordinate exits and transportation for clients as they continue their path towards stable and permanent housing.

Referral Process for Phase 1

Currently, we are only accepting guests for Phase 1. Prospective guests who meet program eligibility will be referred to the program through a participating hospital, homeless shelter, or other collaborating agencies in Dallas County. For more information, please see our eligibility flyer.

St Jude Park Central Eligibility Flyer


Eligibility Criteria for Phase 1

  • Individuals who are 18 or older
  • Individuals testing positive for COVID-19 or have evidence of being exposed to COVID-19
  • Individuals residing in Dallas County and various municipalities
  • Individuals who have passed a background check as part of the application process
  • Individuals who are currently or about to be homeless
  • Individuals with non-complex medical/social conditions
    • Individuals who are ambulatory
    • Do not require medical equipment, such as ventilator or in-person care on a 24/7 basis
    • Do not have a chronic condition requiring special medical attention
    • Individuals who are not on prescription medications that are not self-administered

Services Offered for Phase 1

  • Temporary Emergency shelter
  • Intensive Case Management
  • 3 meals per day
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Onsite COVID 19 testing
  • Exit plans
  • Transportation coordination when entering and exiting the program

Phase 2 – Expected to be launched in the next 3-6 months:

Provide permanent support housing for veterans and the most vulnerable homeless and chronically homeless single adults 18 and up. Housing success will be measured primarily through housing longevity. Other outcomes of interest, including clinical and social stabilization (e.g. decrease in crisis needs, reduction in harmful behaviors, accessing of resources to meet all basic needs, strengthening of clinical relationships with providers), and changes in the quality of residents’ lives (as judged by residents themselves, and as evidenced through the development of friendships, displaying less reclusive behavior, volunteering in the building or community and participating in activities and work programs) will be examined as resources allow. Supportive services in the form of comprehensive case management are provided on site.

We will strive to serve a diverse and copacetic population willing to live within the guidelines and safety protocol for the complex, creating community and collaborative promotion of all residents’ well-being and growth.

As clients become more stable and independent and need less supportive services, the goal is to “graduate” 20% of the residents annually to independent living environments accessible to transportation, jobs, and community.

In phase 2, we will be providing 180+ fully-equipped and efficient residential suites with full kitchens and private bathrooms.

During this phase, St. Jude Center – Park Central will serve as many as 180+ residents every year, improving their lives, longevity, and general well-being while opening up much needed shelter and gateway space for others still living without shelter and likely little hope.


Phase 3 – Expected to be launched in the next 10-16 months:

During phase three, we will create a “living room” model space where we can provide shelter and housing intake/referral for prospective residents.