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Our Commitment To Welcoming Newcomers

Motivated by the teachings and love of Jesus Christ, Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) cares for the most vulnerable by providing an array of services including welcoming and seeking justice for newcomers.  As mandated by the gospel, the core of CCD’s mission is respecting the dignity of the human person and we will always help others in time of need regardless of their religion or country of origin.

Refugees undergo the most strenuous vetting of any traveler to the United States including extensive stringent security clearances and medical examinations. Some refugees spend years going through this process before they are even allowed to begin their journey of refuge to the United States.  CCD is proud to provide the compassionate care and education to these individuals who have been through such unspeakable hardships so they can become self-sufficient and productive while seeking refuge in our country.

CCD understands that fear can often lead to action; as Sister Donna Markham OP, PhD, President and CEO of Catholic Charities USA stated so eloquently: “Pope Francis has urged people not to close the door on migrants and refugees. In concert with the Holy Father, we believe we must move from attitudes of defensiveness and fear to acceptance, compassion and encounter. As the U.S. Catholic bishops have said, this is not an either/or situation for us.  We can protect our citizens and, at the same time, we can welcome newcomers.  Our commitment to care for those who are most vulnerable resides at the core of our faith.”